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SpecCon Holdings introduces SpecCon Connect Brokers – an exciting opportunity for those passionate about skills development. Aligned with our established Skills Development Brokers Model, this venture targets seasoned professionals excelling in sales or professional services, poised to deliver inventive solutions tailored for Small, Medium, and Large Businesses. As a SpecCon Connect Broker, you’ll connect businesses with transformative training programs, enhancing employee skills, as well as improving compliance standards. This commitment offers financial and personal rewards, fostering a fulfilling and prosperous career while positively impacting South Africa’s socio-economic development. Join us in shaping a skilled and inclusive future!

How to sign-up to Become a Skills Development Broker

Complete the Enquiry Form and submit the supporting documents.

Joint Venture Alignment Session: We will contact you and schedule an initial meeting to thoroughly explore the business opportunity.

Sign the Confidentiality Agreement to safeguard our Intellectual Property. Subsequently, you'll receive confidential information for your due diligence exercise.

Receive a copy of the SpecCon Connect Brokers Agency Agreement and sign it with our Support Team.

Start and Complete Your Online Broker Training Course and Finishing Workshop.

Complete and submit your Business Plan and Budget, signing it with our Support Team.

Setup your Networking Events and Meet Clients.

Skills Development Brokers Revenue Streams

The Skills Development Broker’s business model ensures clients access unique products and services to meet their evolving personal or business needs. Regardless of economic conditions, there’s a constant demand for our services. With diverse revenue streams, your investment of energy and discipline will consistently generate income as you expand your offerings.

Standard Broker Model (Nationwide Operations):

  • A standard broker operates without territorial restrictions, allowing them to offer their services and conduct business anywhere in the country. They have the flexibility to engage with Small, Medium, and Large clients across various regions, cities, or jurisdictions without limitations.

Exclusive Broker Model (Regional or City-Specific Privileges):

  • An exclusive broker, on the other hand, pays for the privilege of exclusivity in a defined region, area, city, or multiple jurisdictions. This exclusivity grants them sole rights or preferred access to operate within that specific geographical territory.

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