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Introducing the SpecCon Connect Agents programme, a dynamic opportunity for sales-oriented individuals to become ambassadors of our organisation within their communities. As SpecCon Connect continues to expand its reach, we recognise the importance of establishing a local presence in every region, town, and community across the nation. However, achieving this goal requires a diverse network of dedicated representatives who are passionate about our products and committed to driving sales growth.

The SpecCon Connect Agents programme empowers individuals like you to play a pivotal role in promoting our brand and generating income through sales initiatives. As a Connect Agent, you’ll have the unique opportunity to serve as a direct link between our organisation and your community, leveraging your local knowledge and connections to promote our products effectively.


What sets the SpecCon Connect Agents programme apart is its flexibility and scalability. While SpecCon Connect may not have a physical presence in every region, our Agents bridge this gap by bringing our products directly to their communities. Whether you’re a seasoned sales professional or someone looking to embark on a new entrepreneurial journey, this programme offers a platform for you to thrive and succeed.

Furthermore, the evolution of the programme into a broker model has paved the way for an additional tier, providing Connect Agents with even greater opportunities to diversify their sales portfolio. Now, Agents have the ability to sell a comprehensive range of our products, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of their clientele

Join us in revolutionising the way our products reach consumers nationwide

Become a SpecCon Connect Agent today and unlock your potential to make a lasting impact on your community while earning competitive rewards and incentives along the way. Together, let’s build stronger connections and drive unparalleled success for SpecCon Connect and its valued customers.

Registration Process

Application Submission

Prospective candidates must fill out and submit an application form provided by SpecCon Connect. The application form will gather essential details such as personal information, sales experience, and reasons for interest in the programme.

Application Review

Upon receipt, submitted applications will be thoroughly reviewed by the SpecCon Connect evaluation team. This review ensures that applicants meet the necessary criteria and possess the qualities sought after in Connect Agents

Interview Invitation

Candidates who meet the initial requirements will be contacted to schedule an interview. The interview aims to further assess the candidate's suitability for the role and their alignment with SpecCon Connect's values and objectives

Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement

Following a successful interview, candidates moving to the next stage will be required to sign confidentiality agreements and non-disclosure documents. This step emphasises the importance of safeguarding sensitive information and maintaining the integrity of SpecCon Connect's operations.

Product Knowledge Induction

Approved candidates will undergo a comprehensive induction programme focused on equipping them with in-depth knowledge about SpecCon Connect's products and services. This training ensures that Connect Agents are well-equipped to effectively represent the organisation and its offerings to customers

Presentation of Action Plan

Upon completing the product knowledge induction, candidates will be tasked with developing a detailed action plan outlining their strategies for promoting and selling SpecCon Connect's products within their respective communities. This plan will be subject to evaluation by the SpecCon Connect team.

Final Evaluation and Approval

The candidate's action plan will be evaluated by SpecCon Connect's review board. Upon satisfactory review and approval, candidates will be officially designated as SpecCon Connect Agents

Commencement as Connect Agent

With the successful completion of the evaluation process and approval of their action plan, individuals will transition into the role of SpecCon Connect Agents. Armed with comprehensive product knowledge and a strategic sales approach, Connect Agents will embark on their journey to represent SpecCon Connect in their communities and drive sales growth.

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